Important 2030 Milestones

  1. 2030 Census peak operations (April 1, 2030, is Census Day).
  2. Hiring of field staff, including supervisors and enumerators (starting February/ March).
  3. Coverage improvement, data processing, and quality check operations after field operations end.
  4. Post-Enumeration Survey to measure census accuracy begins.
  5. Secretary of Commerce transmits apportionment counts and results to the president by December 31, 2030; Census Bureau releases that information, along with national and state resident population totals, publicly at the same time.
  6. American Community Survey (ongoing, even during the census year).

These milestones not only highlight the road ahead for the 2030 Census, they also lay the groundwork for future endeavors.

Here is your roadmap for census-related actions in 2030:

  • This is the long-awaited destination where all of your Roadmap activities come together to make you a driver of representation, resource-building, and change in your community.

The peak of the decade, 2030, is centered on executing the census. This year calls for active participation and immediate post-census assessments. Here is your roadmap for 2030.