Important 2031 Milestones

  1. Release of 2030 Census redistricting data files on a flow basis by state (no later than April 1, 2031).
    • Redistricting data files contain block level data by race and Hispanic origin, voting age (18+), plus housing unit counts and occupancy status, and Group Quarters data by type of facility (e.g., prisons, college dorms, military barracks, and more).
  2. Release of demographic profiles for governmental units (places) on a flow basis by state.
  3. 2030 Census assessments and evaluations begin (TBD).
  4. Count Question Resolution (CQR) Operation begins (tentative, date TBD).
  5. American Community Survey (ongoing)

Here is your roadmap for census-related actions in 2031:

  • Now, we leverage the fair, complete count we worked toward over the last decade into fair representation and resources for our communities.

These are just some of the census-related advocacy actions your organization should plan to take in 2031 to ensure the results are released with integrity, equity, and timeliness.