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Module Topics & Resources

  1. Why the census is a civil rights issue
  2. History of Undercounts and Implications
  3. Civil Rights Legislation and Enforcement
  4. Census and the Executive Branch 
  5. Census and the Constitution
  6. Threats to a Fair Count

Guest Speakers:

Module 1 Suggested Reading Materials:

  1. Census Oversight
  2. Census authorization
  3. Appropriations
  1. Understanding the census cycle/relationship to ACS
  2. Setting the stage
  3. Census Barriers, Attitudes and Motivators Study (CBAMS)
  4. Building the universe (address list)
  5. Residence Rule
  1. Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) Operation
  2. Household count (self-response and Nonresponse Follow-up)
  3. Group Quarters enumeration
  4. Counting the unhoused: Service-based enumeration & Targeted Non-Sheltered Outdoor Location (TNSOL)
  5. U.S. Island Territories enumeration
  1. Data products
  2. The role of administrative records
  3. Protecting confidentiality (disclosure avoidance systems; Title 13)
  4. Other surveys and censuses: Economic Census, Census of Governments, Household Pulse Survey, ongoing demographic and economic surveys
  1. Historical patterns (overview)
  2. Post-Enumeration Survey
  3. Demographic Analysis
  4. Operational Metrics
  5. Challenge and Review Programs

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Module 1: Census & Civil Rights

May 21 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm EDT

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