Important 2024 Milestones

  1. American Community Survey (ongoing)
  2. OMB finalizes and releases revisions to federal race and ethnicity data standards (Spring 2024)
  3. Census Bureau completes initial research on 2030 Census design by the end of 2024.
    • Includes work on 55 research projects, more than a third of which relate to enumerating hard-to-count and historically undercounted populations. Information is accessible at the 2030 Census Research Project Explorer.
  4. A new 2030 Census Advisory Committee is formed and begins offering external perspectives on plans to address undercounts, communicate with different
    communities, and collect census information efficiently (2024).
  5.  Census Bureau publishes final report on input and suggestions from the public on the 2030 Census Preliminary Research.
  6. Continued release of 2020 Census Evaluations and Experiments (EAE) reports.
    • Reports studies of operational assessments, evaluations, experiments, and quality control results.
    •  Release of final 2020 Census Demographic and Housing Characteristics file, which will include granular race and Hispanic origin subgroup data and data for American Indian and Alaska Native tribes and villages by household type and housing tenure (owner or renter occupied) (September 2024).
  7. Preparations for the 2026 Census Test of census methods and operations — the first of two major field tests for 2030.
  8. Conduct field test of ACS SOGI questions.

These milestones not only highlight the road ahead for the 2030 Census, they also lay the groundwork for future endeavors.

Here is your roadmap for census-related actions in 2024:

These are just some of the census-related advocacy actions your organization should take in 2024 to lay early groundwork for a fair, complete, and accurate count in 2030. It’s never too early to get started.