The years between each decennial census are filled with actions that help you and organization serve your audiences, communicate needs, implement wise data-based decisions, and plan for the future. The actions supporting each milestone and year are based on and sourced from historical actions organizations like yours have taken to use, support, and strengthen the census, as well as Get Out The Count (GOTC). These are only examples.

Select the current year to review potential actions you can take now, or select past or future action years to catch up and plan for what is next. Most actions are cross-referenced for relevance to specific audiences. Some actions include references to examples from specific organizations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the ACLU, and the NAACP.

Review the yearly Actions Overview posts frequently, as future Actions will be updated with additional ideas and resources as we get closer to that year. Current year and previous year Actions Overview posts may be updated as well, as appropriate to keep each year accurate and relevant. Examples of updates to previous Actions range from updated hyperlinks when the underlying resources are moved to new urls, to relevant best practices developed and submitted by census Champions like you and your organization.

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