Stories of Impact: The Heart and Soul of Census Outreach

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Behind every data point in the census is a story. By collecting success stories from the 2020 Census outreach, we can inspire and mobilize communities for the upcoming 2030 effort.

Why How Key Stakeholders
Personal stories resonate, driving engagement and participation.  

Asian Americans Advancing Justice – LA collected stories in 2020 about individuals who previously never engaged with the census but participated due to their outreach. These stories became powerful advocacy tools.

Community-Based Organizations

Schools and Public Institutions



Next Steps for Key Stakeholders:

CBOs Schools and Public Institutions Businesses
1. Organize community sessions to gather stories. 1. Engage students to share family census experiences. 1. Share stories about how census data informed business decisions.
2. Document stories with audio or video recordings. 2. Integrate these stories in civic classes. 2. Encourage employees to share their personal census experiences.
3. Share these stories in newsletters or on websites. 3. Organize storytelling competitions around the theme of census participation. 3. Feature these stories in company communications.

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