Building on Past Achievements: Making 2030’s Outreach Even More Effective

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The 2020 Census was a landmark effort, and the lessons we learned are invaluable. By documenting your organization’s activities, strategies, and networks, you pave the way for an even more impactful 2030 Census campaign.

Why How Key Stakeholders
Reflecting on past strategies enhances future endeavors, ensuring lessons learned are carried forward. The NALEO Educational Fund documented their expansive outreach during the 2020 Census, resulting in a comprehensive guide for future census drives. They highlighted challenges, strategies, and their network of trusted messengers. Community-Based Organizations

Local Governments



Next Steps for Key Stakeholders

CBOs Local Governments Businesses
1. Review 2020’s outreach campaigns. 1. Create an archive of 2020 Census collaborations. 1. Chronicle the ways census data impacted business strategies.
2. Document successes and challenges. 2. Engage stakeholders for feedback. 2. Foster relations with organizations focused on census outreach.
3. Catalog trusted messengers and their contributions. 3. Plan initial strategy meetings for 2030 Census outreach. 3. Allocate resources for 2030 Census engagement.


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