Pulse Surveys: Capturing the Real-Time Heartbeat of Our Communities

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Pulse Surveys, especially the household variants, provide timely insights into community needs, and organizations like DataKind have demonstrated the utility of these surveys in responding to emergent community challenges.

Why How Key Stakeholders
Pulse Surveys offer real-time data, pivotal for urgent interventions and supports. DataKind partnered with local communities in 2020 to use Pulse Survey data in addressing immediate COVID-19 related challenges. Community-Based Organizations

Local Governments



Next Steps for Key Stakeholders

CBOs Local Governments Businesses
1. Organize community discussions around Pulse Survey findings. 1. Incorporate Pulse Survey data into emergency response plans. 1. Utilize Pulse Survey insights to adjust business strategies.
2. Collaborate with data scientists to decode survey insights. 2. Engage with community leaders to discuss real-time challenges. 2. Collaborate with local governments to address emergent community needs.
3. Advocate for increased participation in Pulse Surveys. 3. Promote Pulse Surveys in community communications. 3. Promote the significance of Pulse Surveys in industry networks.

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