The U.S. census guides revenue and representation to cities, counties, and states. The benefits of a complete and accurate census help rural and urban residents alike. Would you share your personal reflection on the impact of census-guided funding and/or representation, speaking to your audience of elected officials, funders, or agency bureaucrats at all levels of government.

About me:

  • State: ________
  • Organization Name: ________
  • Point of Contact: ________
  • Email: ________
  • Phone Number: ________
  • Permission to use this case study for promoting census improvements: YES/NO

I represent the following Community / Communities: (both demographically and geographically)

  • State
  • Urban-Rural
  • Ethnicity
  • Ages
  • Languages

How the census touches my life and community

  • Representation
  • Funding
  • Schools
  • Infrastructure (Roads and Bridges)
  • Data my organization depends on
  • Other:

How I hope better census funding and awareness will positively impact my community

  • Data and Demographics. A better understanding of:
    • who we are
    • how many there are of us
    • where we live and work
    • what we need
  • Representation
  • Funding
  • Schools
  • Infrastructure (Roads and Bridges)

What are your recommendations for the Census Bureau for 2030?

Thank you for sharing your learning and inspiring others.

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