Tying the Threads Together: How the Census Intersects with Larger Community Concerns

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The census isn’t an isolated data collection event. It’s intertwined with larger community concerns such as health care, redistricting, and the American Community Survey (ACS). The Data & Society Research Institute has been pivotal in drawing these connections for the public.

Why How Key Stakeholders
Understanding the broader implications of the census can foster a stronger commitment to participation. Data & Society conducted a series of workshops, illustrating how census data influences policy decisions in health care, redistricting, and more. Community-Based Organizations

Local Governments



Next Steps for Key Stakeholders

CBOs Local Governments Businesses
1. Host informational sessions connecting census data with broader issues. 1. Highlight the broader implications of census data in public communications. 1. Understand how census data can inform business strategies.
2. Collaborate with experts to provide a deeper understanding of these intersections. 2. Collaborate with community organizations to spread awareness. 2. Share insights with the wider business community.
3. Design infographics and other visual aids to make the connections clear. 3. Integrate census insights into policy planning and implementation. 3. Collaborate with community organizations to enhance awareness campaigns.

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