Knowledge Is Power: Navigating Census Data and Policy

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Staying informed about census data release and policy matters is pivotal. By keeping tabs on these, organizations can better advocate for their communities and ensure accurate representation.

Why How Key Stakeholders
Staying updated on census data releases and policy developments allows organizations to make informed decisions and advocate effectively. The Brennan Center for Justice actively tracked census data release timelines and policy updates. They utilized this information to inform their advocacy campaigns and mobilize communities. Community-Based Organizations

Local Governments



Next Steps for Key Stakeholders

CBOs Local Governments Businesses
1. Create a timeline of census data releases and policy updates. 1. Collaborate with advocacy groups to stay informed on census-related policy developments. 1. Monitor census data releases relevant to your industry.
2. Share this information with community members through newsletters and workshops. 2. Allocate resources to support advocacy efforts aligned with census data. 2. Stay informed about policy changes that impact your business and community.
3. Mobilize communities around key policy issues. 3. Engage in dialogue with policymakers to influence census-related decisions. 3. Advocate for policies that benefit both business and community interests.


Deep Dive: The Brennan Center for Justice’s proactive approach to tracking census data and policy updates empowered them to advocate effectively, leading to more equitable representation in their region.

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