More than Just Numbers: Understanding the Economic Pulse of Our Communities

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Beyond the decennial count, the Census Bureau offers a wealth of economic insights that are critical for local growth and planning.

Why How Key Stakeholders
These surveys provide a comprehensive understanding of local economies. New York City’s Economic Development Corporation uses these surveys to guide business incubation strategies. Businesses

Local Governments



Next Steps for Key Stakeholders

Businesses Local Governments Nonprofits
1. Access and analyze economic survey data. 1. Understand the economic health of the community. 1. Leverage economic data to identify community needs.
2. Align business strategies with local economic trends. 2. Use survey data for budget planning. 2. Align program strategies with economic realities.
3. Engage in community forums discussing survey findings. 3. Organize webinars educating on survey insights. 3. Advocate for resources in areas highlighted by surveys.


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