LUCA: Ensuring Every Community Member Is Counted

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The accuracy of the census depends on having the right addresses. LUCA is crucial for this, and local and state entities play a pivotal role in its success.

Why How Key Stakeholders
Ensuring an accurate address list directly impacts census efficiency. In preparation for the 2020 Census, the City of Atlanta held LUCA workshops, refining their address database. Schools

Public Institutions

Local Governments


Next Steps for Key Stakeholders

Schools Public Institutions Local Governments
1. Incorporate LUCA’s importance in geography and civics lessons. 1. Understand the significance of LUCA. 1. Organize LUCA workshops.
2. Organize student-driven address verification projects. 2. Organize training sessions for staff. 2. Collaborate with Census Bureau for training.
3. Engage with local government for collaboration. 3. Regularly update and verify address databases. 3. Dedicate resources for address verification.

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