Shaping the Next Decade: Ensuring Comprehensive Community Counts in 2030

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The 2030 Census is on the horizon, and early engagement with funders can shape its efficacy. Organizations like The Ford Foundation have historically bolstered outreach initiatives, ensuring thorough and accurate counts.

Why How Key Stakeholders
Engaging with funders early ensures robust outreach and comprehensive counts. The Chicago Community Trust, ahead of the 2020 Census, invested in grassroots outreach, amplifying underrepresented voices. Nonprofits

Local Governments



Next Steps for Key Stakeholders

Nonprofits Local Governments Businesses
1. Draft a proposal detailing 2030 Census needs. 1. Understand potential outreach gaps. 1. Consider CSR initiatives supporting the census.
2. Network with potential funders through seminars and webinars. 2. Allocate budgets for census initiatives. 2. Engage with local communities for feedback.
3. Organize community outreach mock-drills. 3. Form liaisons with nonprofits for collaborative funding. 3. Allocate resources for awareness campaigns.

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