Investing in the Future: Ensuring the Census Bureau’s Success through Adequate Funding and Strong Partnerships

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As the backbone of understanding America’s demographic landscape, the Census Bureau needs our continued support. Ensuring adequate funding and fostering solid relationships is pivotal for its success.

Why How Key Stakeholders
Proper funding and strong coalitions directly impact the quality and accuracy of the census. The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) played an active role in 2020 Census advocacy, underscoring the importance of coalition involvement. Advocacy Groups

Local Governments



Next Steps for Key Stakeholders

Advocacy Groups Governments Businesses
1. Lobby for increased appropriations for the Census Bureau. 1. Understand the value of a well-funded census for local planning. 1. Recognize the importance of census data in market research.
2. Organize community drives to highlight the importance of census funding. 2. Engage with census officials for collaboration. 2. Advocate for its adequate funding.
3. Continue to strengthen and expand coalitions supporting the census. 3. Allocate local resources to complement census efforts. 3. Collaborate with local communities for census promotion.

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