Welcome to the 2023-2025 Actions Overview page for you and your organization to operationalize now to lay early groundwork for the 2030 Census. This list of items supports the 2023-2025 Milestones. Please review the 2023-2025 Milestones if you haven’t yet. 

As an example of important actions for this year and beyond, if your state or local region does not yet have a Complete Count Committee (CCC) for the 2030 Census, now is the time to form a CCC. Complete Count Committees are crucial entities that can help with funding, training, education, and outreach for your census work. Following are more Actions you can take now through 2025.

Note: This list of actions will be updated as appropriate to serve organizations like yours. 

Ongoing Actions for 2023-2025

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Including our Census Day 2023 Webinar for the States Count Action Network (S-CAN) on how to use the Roadmap to 2030 anytime now until the next decennial census is officially underway.